Report your card lost or stolen

If you have lost your card or have given out the card information and later realize that you should not have, you do have more than one way to get your card blocked.

Lost Debit Card

During Regular Business Hours:

For ATM Card -Deb Wickersham | Terri Clem

For Discover Debit Card -Deb Wickersham Terri Clem

or call (574)722-6261 and ask for the party corresponding to the problem.

After Regular Business Hours:
You have 4 ways to block your ATM or Discover Debit Card after hours. You can call the PassPort number listed below, block it through eBanking if you are enrolled in eBanking, or block your card through Security Express. Please refer to the information below for more detailed information.


ATM Card and Discover Debit Card 
You will need to contact PassPort Hot Carding Support Center (866) 546-8273

PassPort will put a block on the card only.

PassPort will need the following information to locate your card number.

  • Your Bank Name (Security Federal Savings Bank) or Routing Number (274970607)
  • Your name exactly as it appears on your card (for Discover Debit Card)
  • Full address
  • Daytime phone number
  • Reason the card needs to be blocked
  • Last 4 digits of your card number if available (can be obtained from a receipt or bank statement)

ATM Card and Discover Debit Card eBanking Login

  • Login to eBanking using your eBanking ID and password
  • Select the "Options" tab
  • Then select "ATM / Debit Card"
  • Use the check box to indicate the card that has been lost or stolen
  • Select "Submit" in order to save your selection

ATM Card and Discover Debit Card Security Express

  • Call Security Express at 1- (800) 889-2265
  • Select option 8 to activate or block and ATM or Debit Card
  • Select option 2 to block/deactivate your card (you will need your account number)
ATM Card and Discover Debit Card iPhone/Android App
  • Open iPhone/Android App
  • Login with your eBanking ID and password
  • Select "Manage Cards"
  • Select your card
  • Select either "Suspend Card" or "Report Lost or Stolen"

You cannot reactivate your card after reporting it lost or stolen.