Security Express

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How do I Use Security Express?

Calling Security Express is easy. You simply call toll free by using our 800 number.
1-800-889-BANK (2265)

The first time you access Security Express, you will be asked to enter your Account number and Social Secuirty number or Tax ID number. You will then be asked to select a 4 digit Personal Identification Number (PIN).

After your initial call, you may access your account with your Account Number along with your four (4) digit PIN that you have selected.

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What is Security Express?

Security Express is a complimentary telephone service that provides you with real-time and around the clock access to your accounts from any touch- tone telephone---anytime, anywhere.

It's safe and easy to use!

Once you dial, the Security Express operator will lead you step-by-step through the call slowly, clearly and accurately. After the Security Express operator completes your transaction, you may simply hang up.

It's confidential and secure!

With Security Express your personal account information is completely confidential. It is relayed directly from our computer to you. The information is also secure because only you know your access numbers to Security Express.

It's convenient!

By simply calling Security Express, you can instantly verify balances, confirm deposits, determine if specific checks have cleared, transfer funds, receive loan account information, make loan payments, and obtain other information about your accounts.