MasterCard Gift Card

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MasterCard Gift Card

The perfect gift for everyone, every time.

Choosing the perfect gift has never been easier. For holidays, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, or any other celebration, most people prefer a prepaid gift card to a more traditional gift of equal value. When you give a MasterCard Prepaid Gift Card, your gift is perfect every time.

MasterCard Prepaid Gift Cards are the ideal gift — to give and receive. Here’s why:

No more guesswork
Purchase a MasterCard Prepaid Gift Card and your gift will be perfect every time.

Use anywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted
With worldwide acceptance at millions of locations, your gift recipient is never limited to what’s available in just one store.

Card Expiration & Fees

Expiration of Card FUNDS DO NOT EXPIRE.  The plastic card will be unusable after the “valid thru” date stated on the Card.  The “valid thru” date is not an expiration date on the Card funds.  The amount remaining on the Card will be available until the amount reaches zero.  The Card fund will be temporarily unavailable after the “valid thru” date until you obtain a free replacement Card.  You may present and exchange the unusable card at no charge for a replacement Card, which will be activated in the amount remaining on the Card at the time of the exchange.  Replacement may take up to 30 days to process.  For inquires about exchanging an unusable card, all TransCard Customer Service at 1-800-554-2707.

Monthly Inactivity Fee*   $4.95

Card Replacement Fee    $5.00

Express Shipping Fee      $25.00

* Unless prohibited by law, a fee will be deducted monthly from card balance starting on the first day after a one-year period of inactivity.  Activity means any action resulting in an increase or decrease in the card balance , other than the imposition of a fee, or an adjustment due to an error or reversal of a prior transaction.  This fee is listed on the back of the agreement.

Important Tips

  • Please know your balance before shopping.  This will ensure that your card is accepted.  You can review your Card balance and transaction history 24/7 at  You can also call TransCard Customer Service for balance and all other inquiries toll free 24/7 at 1-800-554-2707.
  • Tell us at once if you believe your Card has been lost or stolen by calling 1-800-554-2707.
  • To purchase an item that costs more than the balance on your card, let the cashier know the available amount on the gift card and then pay the remainder with another form of payment.