CDs & Money Markets

Our Certificate of Deposit and Personal Money Market options offer the ability to earn more interest than our traditional savings accounts.

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Personal Money Market
A special account for individuals which earns a higher rate of interest.


  • Only $10,000 minimum to open
  • Only $10,000 minimum balance required to avoid a $10.00 monthly service fee (see disclosure)
  • Competitive interest rate - tiered


Certificate of Deposit
A special type of savings account held for a set period of time.


  • A CD is also called a “time deposit.” The funds in the CD are kept for a specific period of time to earn a specific amount of interest. Generally, the longer the term of the certificate the higher the rate of interest earned.
  • Minimum deposit is required to open account.
  • Fee applies for early withdrawal (see disclosure)

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* Savings and money market accounts are subject to Federal Reserve Regulations D, which permits no more than 6 pre-authorized or automatic transfers per statement cycle