CDs & Money Markets

Credit Cards

Premier Money Market

A special account for personal and business customers which earns a higher rate of interest.

  • Only $25,000 minimum balance required to avoid a $10.00 monthly service fee.
  • Monthly service fee may be waived with a direct deposit, a monthly automatic funds transfer (AFT) from your SFSB business checking or if you are 65+ years of age.
  • Competitive interest rate - tiered
  • $25,000 minimum to open


Certificate of Deposits

A special type of savings account.

  • A CD is also called a “time deposit.” The funds in the CD must be kept for a specific period of time to avoid early withdrawal penalties. Generally, the longer the term of the certificate the higher the rate of interest earned.
  • Minimum deposit is required to open account.
  • Please see us for details.

* Savings and money market accounts are subject to Federal Reserve Regulations D, which permits no more than 6 pre-authorized or automatic transfers per statement cycle