Safari version 14 alert will display for subscribers

Beginning Tuesday, Sept. 1, when subscribers log in to their bill pay accounts, they will see an alert notice regarding Safari version 14.

Apple will be releasing version 14 of the browser sometime in the next several weeks. The date has not yet been announced. We are being proactive in planning for the release, researching and testing how the updated browser and its restrictions will interact with our bill pay services.

Scam of the Week: Smishing for Access to Your Bank Account

Emails are a quick and easy way for cybercriminals to phish for your information—but it’s not their only tool. Smishing, or SMS Phishing, is another way the bad guys try to trick you. Many of us are used to receiving legitimate promotions, reminders, and security notifications via text message. These messages—both real and fake—are brief and often include links, so it can be difficult to spot a smishing attempt.

KnowBe4 Security Tips - Online Dating Scams

Don't be fooled into financial scams!

Over the past couple of decades, online dating has grown in popularity to become the widely-accepted norm. Many of today’s marriages blossom from relationships that started online. This shift in society’s way of meeting people leads us to be less cautious about meeting strangers online. This newfound comfort in talking to strangers leaves room for professional scammers and social engineers to make their way into your life, and eventually your bank account.

KnowBe4 Security Tips - Social Media Social Engineering

Social media offers cybercriminals ample opportunities

to social engineer or manipulate people to their nefarious advantage. Many do not consider how much personal information is available online and waiting to be used against you.

Lobbies Closed as a precaution - COVID19 Message

At Security Federal, we take the safety of our staff and customers very seriously. 

Effective Monday, March 23, our six branch lobbies will be closed. Drive-thru lanes and ATMs are open.

We are monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation closely and we are taking  internal precautions to keep our staff healthy & our customers protected. 

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