KnowBe4 Scam of the Week: Your Breached Passwords Are NOT Safe!

You lose if you reuse! The bad guys are using your breached passwords to access your online accounts. Even if a data breach happened years ago, the bad guys will attempt to use your breached passwords across all of your online accounts to see if they will still work - scary!

Scam Alert: Be on the alert for look-alike bank pages.

KnowBe4 Scam of the Week: Be Warned! New Hybrid Cyber Attack on Banks and Credit Unions

The bad guys are using a new hybrid cyber attack to steal your private banking information. They place a Banking Trojan on your computer (most likely through email), and once you try to visit your bank’s website, it will redirect you to a malicious, look-alike page - this site is NOT your actual bank!

Attention to Small Business Owners: Credit card processing “deals” may be scams

If you’re in a small business, you probably need a way for people to pay you and ways to lower your costs. Scammers have been working both of those angles, promising businesses that they can save on leases of credit card processing equipment. They’ve also been promising that businesses can cancel any time. But is that what happens?

RESOLVED 6/14/18 Please use your PIN when shopping at Walmart

On 6/13/2018  we posted the information below. As of 6/14/2018 this issue has been resolved. Thank you!



Due to circumstances beyond our control,  our debit card holders will need to use their Personal Identification Number (PIN) when shopping at Walmart.

Efforts are being made to resolve this error and we will provide an update as soon as possible.

We apologize for this inconvenience. 


Watch out for event phishing scams

KnowBe4 Scam of the Week: Watch Out For Popular Event Phishing Scams

Heads up! The bad guys are now trying to trick you into buying fake event tickets well above face-value. It's happening right now with the World Cup, but can happen with any popular event.

Here's how it works: They get you by offering last-minute ticket deals on a phony website, and then steal your credit card information. Don’t fall for this!

Transamerica Retirement Solutions Hacked

Transamerica hacked: Transgressors swipe retirees' personal info

45,000 plan holders hit by hack, say corp officials


Updated Financial house Transamerica has admitted hackers swiped some of its customers' sensitive personal information, including social security numbers.

Is your home network secure enough to keep you protected?

What is home network security?

Home network security refers to the protection of a network that connects devices to each other and to the internet within a home. Whether it’s staying in touch with friends and family, paying your bills electronically, or teleworking, the internet enables us to accomplish tasks more efficiently and conveniently from the comfort of our own homes.

Watch out for GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and Royal Wedding Attacks

KnowBe4 Scam of the Week: Watch out for GDPR and Royal Wedding Attacks

Be on the lookout for a new, Apple-flavored phishing email Scam of the Week. New European data privacy regulation is going into effect this week. It's called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and bad guys are using it as bait in a variety of ways. This scam looks like it is from Apple and claims that if you do not take action, your account will be "restricted". In reality, they steal your identity and credit card information.