About Security Federal

Download our Fiscal year April 1, 2019 - March 31, 2020 Anuual Report here.

Security Federal Savings Bank has maintained a presence as a secure community bank since the doors opened in 1934.  We are the premier financial institution in Cass and the surrounding counties.

We are not owned or governed by stock-holders like many financial institutions; we are a community bank owned by our depositors. We are one of a few remaining mutual banks in the nation.  That is why when you invest in Security Federal, you are also investing in the community in which you live and your money will remain in the county of deposit for community reinvestment.  Security Federal maintains six full-service branch locations in Cass, Howard, Carroll and Tippecanoe Counties.  Security Federal is also home to local trust specialists which are not found in our competing markets.

Security Federal Savings Bank is a full service bank offering commercial and personal products and services including commercial loans, home mortgage lending, consumer loans, home equity loans, checking and savings accounts, certificate of deposits/IRAs, health savings accounts, electronic banking, online banking, mobile banking and trust services.  

The customer experience is our number one priority.  When you place a call into Security Federal, you speak with our receptionist, not an automated phone directory system.    We give every customer the time needed to explain their situation. 

The team at Security Federal commits to ensuring that we remain vital to our communities by following the core values of COURTESY, SAFETY, and FLEXIBILITY.

As of January 2020, Security Federal Savings Bank has six branch locations and 72 employees.

We're a mutually-owned bank which means everyone who has a deposit account with us is a part-owner. Why is this important? Because it means we don't have shareholders who dictate our decisions, which allows us to serve you better! A traditional bank is owned by shareholders, which means a traditional bank is more concerned with pleasing them, not you. A mutual (like us!) more closely resembles a credit union, because they are member-owned. 

We continue to operate as the primary loan originator in Cass, Howard, Carroll, and Tippecanoe Counties as well as neighboring counties. We remain a profitable mutual financial institution that offers quality banking, trust and financial planning services using the latest technology available.

We demonstrate proactive leadership within our organization and the communities we serve and we consider our team  members to be one of our most valuable resources. We're committed to helping them reach their career goals by spending over $100,000 on team member education and development annually. We continue to reassure the community of our high ethical standards and the strength of our institution as an active member of the community by providing the markets we serve with more than $160,000  in annual sponsorships, donations, and charitable contributions. The dollar amount given does not include the countless hours of time our team members spend on non-profit boards nor the time spent volunteering in the communities we serve. 

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