Do I have to have eBanking to enroll?
  You will need to have an eBanking User ID and Password in order to enroll for Mobile Banking.
How do I enroll for Mobile Banking?
To enroll for Mobile Banking you must first have an eBanking User ID and Password. Once you have this and have logged into your eBanking you will go to the Options>Mobile Settings and then select which service you would like to enroll in. It will be either Web Mobile Settings or Text Mobile Settings.
What can I do if I just have the texting portion?
  If you just have the text piece, you can get balances of all accounts that you have set up for Mobile access along with last 5 transactions.
Can I use the texting portion of Mobile Banking on a different cell phone other than the one I have already registered?

You cannot access your account via texting using a phone other than the one registered.

Is my information safe when I use Mobile Banking?

Yes it is.  The same security procedures are in place for Web Mobile as for the regular eBanking site.

How do I update my carrier/phone number information if it has changed?
  You will need to login to your eBanking on a computer. From there you will need to go the Options tab => Mobile Setting and change the setting for the appropriate option, it will be either Web Mobile Settings or Text Mobile Settings.
How is accessing the Mobile Banking website different from using the one used on a computer?
  The Mobile Banking website was specifically developed for cell phone use. The one used on a computer is not accessible via a cell phone.
Can I setup more than one Mobile Banker in my eBanking?
  No, each person wanting to use Mobile Banking will need their own User ID and Password for eBanking.
arrow What are the benefits of Mobile Banking?
  Depending on your type of service, you can inquire on balances, transfer funds, pay bills (as long as the payees are already setup within your eBanking via a computer), verify transactions, anywhere any time. Great when you want to bank after normal banking hours and during holidays, on vacation, or too busy to get to your computer.
What information does Mobile Banking store on my cell phone?

The information stored depends on the type of phone you are using.

arrow Can I use Bill Pay?
  Yes, as long as the payees are already setup within your eBanking via a computer.
arrow Is the iPhone mobile App free?
  Yes, once it is available you will be able to download it from the Apple Store from your iPhone or iPod Touch.
arrow How do I download the iPhone mobile App?
  You will be able to download the iPhone mobile app through the Apple Store just like any other app.

If you are still having problems or don't see your question please feel free to contact our eServices support department by clicking here.

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