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Part of being a smart money saver is learning what you need and what you want.  And then spending less money on what you want because it is not a necessity. Everyone spends some money on items that are not necessary because they are fun to have; however, if you are trying to save money, you should try to only buy what you need. 

Everyone has different needs and wants so ask your parents to help you decide what you should spend your money on if you are having trouble deciding.  A kid down the street may really need a new bike because his is worn out.  You may only want a new bike because you like the color, but yours is not worn out.  In this case, you may not want to buy a new bike.  Instead you could put the money in your piggy bank or in your savings account and save for something that you may need later. 

Everyday you will see new toys or clothes that you will want; however, try making a list of what you need and want. 

1. Lunch
1. New Rollerblades
2. Socks
2. New Computer Game
3. Winter Coat
3. Shoes

Then buy the items that you need and then decide if you have enough money to buy 1 item on your want list.  Or maybe you don’t want to buy anything from your want list right now.  You could save your money and buy the new toy later after you have saved more money. 

Talk to your parents or teachers about how you can lean to make good decisions on what to spend your money on. 

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