Education is very important in today’s society and Security Federal Savings Bank offers many tools to help you and your children learn.  We offer first time home buyer classes to adults who are looking for their perfect home, identity theft seminars to protect your money and your identity, and credit seminars to help you improve your credit score and let you know what can hinder your score.  We also offer brochures and pamphlets on a variety of different topics to help you decide what product are best for you. 

For children, we have a program called “Teach a Child to Save” where Security Federal employees go into the local elementary schools and teach children about savings and checking accounts, how to write checks, and how to create savings goals. Other topics that are discussed include interest and differentiating between needs and wants. 

We also provide a Financial Literacy program to high school students.  This program includes information about checking, budgeting, debit cards, ATM cards, as well as an entire section on identity theft and credit.  If you are interested in finding out more information about these programs please contact:

“Teach a Child to Save” 
Kristen Hughes
Identity Theft
Jon-Myckle Price
Financial Literacy
Terri Riley NMLS#454318

Now we are offering a special section on our website that is dedicated to helping you learn how to save, budget, how to protect yourself from identity theft, and even some great educational games for the kids. 

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